The Uninvited (2009) Ending Explained

the uninvited ending explained

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The Uninvited (2009) is a psychological horror movie directed by Charles Guard and Thomas Guard. In 2009, The Uninvited was released and quickly became a sensation on the small screen. Critics praised the dark and mysterious film for its unique plot and well-done acting and liked comparing the film with Case 39 (2009) and A Cure for Wellness (2016). But many were confused by its ending. We have reproduced the ending below to clarify what happened in the film.

The Uninvited Ending Explained and Plot Story in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

Anna was discharged from a psychiatric institution ten months after a suicide attempt after her terminally ill mother died in a fire. She does not recall the actual fire. Despite this, she continues to suffer from recurring nightmares related to that night.

When Anna returns home, she reunites with her older sister Alex. The children discover that Steven’s former live-in nurse, Rachel Summers, has a new girlfriend.

Nightmares haunt Anna and Alex that their mother, Rachel murdered her. Anna’s only way of calling for help is a bell that Rachel tied to her wrist. The girls become angry at Steven for moving their mother into the boathouse when she gets sick.

Anna has a ghastly hallucination of Matt, and, the following day, his dead body is pulled out of the water, his back broken.

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The police state he fell from his boat and drowned. Anna goes with Rachel into town so that Alex can look through her possessions.

The sisters cannot locate Rachel’s file despite searching the State Nursing Association. Mildred Kemp is actually who she claims to be. She became obsessed with their widowed father and killed the children she cared for.

In the meantime, the girls gather evidence against Rachel to show the police while Steven is away on business. Rachel sedates Alex after she catches them. The police station is where Anna escapes and goes to report the crime. Eventually, they call Rachel to take her home because they don’t believe her.

When Steven arrives home, Anna explains that Rachel tried to murder them, but Alex saved them. Alex then kills Rachel and throws her body in a dumpster in their backyard.

As Steven attempts to understand what Anna is saying, Anna tells him that Alex and their mother have both perished in the fire. A bloody knife is found in Anna’s hand as she looks down.

She became enraged, filled a watering can from a gasoline tank and carried it toward the house, intending to burn it down.

When the lantern fell, a trail of gasoline ignited when she didn’t fully close the tap. As a result of the explosion, her mother and Alex were killed.

Since Anna left the institution, she had been hallucinating Alex. Alex’s dialogues had never been responded to by anyone else. Also, she remembers letting Matt fall off the cliff and break his back when he did show up for their meeting. He revealed what Anna had done because he saw what she had done. It took her a long time to realize she had killed Rachel, who wasn’t a murderer but a kind woman trying to maintain the family. To keep Anna safe, she had sedated her.

The police question Steven as Anna is arrested for murder the following morning. Rachel changed her last name three years ago to escape an abusive ex-boyfriend.

It’s time for her to return to the mental institution. In the room next to Anna, the patient welcomes Anna back. Mildred Kemp’s nameplate reveals her identity.

What happened to Matt?

anna is hallucinating Matt in the uninvited (2009)

Anna has a strange and spooky hallucination of Matt at night. He tries to tell something to Anna, but she doesn’t get it clear. Matt grasps Anna’s hand in the vision.

The following day, Anna realizes that something happened last night in real. Because the grasping sign from Matt was still in her hand. So when police discovered Matt’s drowned body in the water and declared that for an accidental reason, Matt died, Anna wasn’t sure about that.

There appeared a vision where Anna and Matt met last night at the top of the hill. There Matt revealed that Anna was responsible for her mother’s death. But she unconsciously wasn’t ready to accept, as her psychiatrist mentioned earlier, that sometimes people erase memories unintentionally to avoid a shock. This is a mental metabolism for protecting from harmful aspects. In Matt’s case, Anna’s mind used this technique. When Matt informed her of the truth, she pushed him from the hill, and as a result, his back was broken, and he died. Then her memory unconsciously manipulated that memory as a hallucination, so she didn’t have to believe that she was the murderer.

Who is the killer in the movie The Uninvited?

Anna wakes from sedation to find that her sister Alex died in a fire with their mother almost a year ago. When Steven returns home, Anna tries to explain the whole scenario, but he gets confused. We see that Alex was never present in real life but only in her mind.

But she left the tap running, which burned the boathouse Alex and her mother were in. Anna also killed Matt that day because he knew exactly what happened that night and how Alex killed half of her family.

In The Uninvited (2009), what was wrong with Anna?

Anna (Emily Browning) and Alex (Arielle Kebbel) are standing with knief at ending of the movie the uninvited

Anna is the main character of the movie The Uninvited and is played by Emily Browning. At the end of the movie, a shocking twist about Anna is that she is not mentally stable. Anna has schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder. After being institutionalized for ten months, she had no memory of what she had done. Anna continued to experience hallucinations following her release.

Anna plots to kill her boyfriend, Matt, by shoving him over a cliff and stabbing his girlfriend, Rachel, to death. In addition, she imagines Rachel as an evil murderess who killed Anna’s mother, among other things.

The killer is Anna. While trying to fire her house, she accidentally killed her mother and sister, Alex. There is only one Alex in Anna’s head. Anna also kills Rachel. Anna spent almost a year at the mental ward where Mildred Kemp also resided. Upon realizing that Matt had seen her accidentally kill Alex and her mother, Anna also killed him. She killed Rachel after she finished what she had started. In the movie’s closing moments, Anna smiles at the camera.

Who Killed Alex and her Mother?

At the movie’s end, when the main twist comes to light, it explains that Anna was responsible for her mother’s death. Steven then revealed that his sister Alex died in a house fire ten months ago, along with their mother. In addition, Anna was covered in blood while holding a knife as she told him what had happened. A series of flashbacks revealed that Anna had been the one who murdered Rachel after she rejected Matt’s attempts to seduce her. She filled a watering can with gasoline and planned to set it alight as punishment for her husband’s infidelity.


Original Title: The Uninvited

Genre: Psychological Horror

Runtime: 1hr 27min

Original Language: English

Directed by Charles Guard, Thomas Guard

Written by Craig Rosenberg, Doug Miro, Carlo Bernard

Tagline: Fear moves in.

Release date: January 30, 2009 (USA)

Official Facebook Page: The Uninvited

Brainless Pen Rating!

The Uninvited is not a terrible movie, but it does have some problems. The main problem is that the film feels disjointed and like it was made by different people who didn’t understand each other’s work. However, overall it’s a decent watch.

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