A Dark Song (2016) Explained

A Dark Song Explained

A Dark Song (2016) is an intense and dark story written & directed by Liam Gavin. The movie will leave you on the edge of your seat. If you’re looking for a film that will make you think, this is the one for you. The ending is entirely unexpected, but it’s still an exciting and gripping read.

A Dark Song Explained and Plot Story in Details

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During her time in rural Wales, Sophia Howard rents an isolated house with a grieving and bitter heart. To convince Joseph Solomon, an occultist with a short temper, to lead her in a grueling ritual.

Abramelin’s Book of Abramelin dictated this months-long rite to summon her guardian angel this case, Sophia can ask to speak with her dead son, who was seven years old at the time.

When they begin the ritual, Solomon warns that they will be punished if they leave before it ends. Sophia will have to undergo punishing exercises for months in which she will face real demons and angels. It’s okay with her.

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After that, she undergoes dozens of painful exercises. The ceremony of forgiveness, however, she refuses to take part in. Solomon insists that she drink his blood to compensate for her refusal and have sex during the ritual. To get her to take off her clothes, he manipulates her into masturbating.

Afterward, he tells her it wasn’t for ceremonial purposes but only for his release. The following day, Sophia urinated in his breakfast as revenge.

Over time, they gradually become acquainted. Sophia, however, becomes frustrated after months of waiting and complains. Despite Solomon’s accusation, she is not honest about something that impairs the ritual.

It is revenge against whoever kidnapped and killed her son that she will ask the Angel for.

He awakens her that night and tells her that she is impure because of her dishonesty. The tub must be used for the re-birthing ritual.

His response was to drown her, recite a spell, and use CPR to revive her. Her anger causes her to push him, and he falls on the knife, impaling himself.

Using their meager medical supplies, she treats the wound. He explains that she will have her revenge when the ritual begins to work. To be away from people, he will ask the Angel to make him invisible for the rest of his life since he “wants some peace before hell.”

Solomon continues to suffer from the wound, and Sophia begins to hear and see menacing voices in the house. He eventually dies in his sleep due to an infection in Solomon’s wound. Sophia’s books have been crossed out, rendering them unreadable when she returns to them for further instruction.

Despite stepping beyond the house’s perimeter, her car won’t start. Walking down an empty road, she realizes she is back at the mansion after walking down an open street.

Upon re-entering, she discovers that various demons have appeared. Her finger is cut off as she tells them how sorry she is as they drag her to the basement and torture her. The house fills with a brilliant white light as they retreat. An angel in armor, massive and beatific, awaits her.

It smiles when she asks for forgiveness. After performing a water burial for Solomon, she drives away.

A Dark Song Ending Explained

Sophia Howard envisions an intense 18-month ritual in A Dark Song. She rents a house in an isolated Wales locale. Abra-Melin is a fictional Egyptian mage in The Book of Abramelin.

Sophia is instructed to remain home until Joseph pours salt around her house in A Dark Song. The following months are filled with torment and ceremonial practices. As a result, she admits to asking this Angel for revenge.

Different interpretations and debates can be had regarding the movie’s last 20 minutes. There is no doubt that Sophia will experience some climax and catharsis.

Joseph is accidentally stabbed and ultimately dies due to a struggle between the two. This is a sign that the ritual works in his mind because it happens just before he passes.

As soon as she returns, she is trapped by creatures who make it seem like she will never be able to leave. Eventually, they go after dragging her to the basement and inflicting pain on her.

It appears that she has been approached by a giant angel wearing armor glowing with beautiful light.

Agathodaimon means Holy Guardian Angel in Greek. As a metaphor, A Dark Song represents an inner voice only you can hear.

Gnosticism has influenced Christianity and Judaism. Christianity’s early stages were characterized by Gnosticism, which emphasizes the distinction between truth and illusion.

Modern horror movies have never explored the ideas found in that ancient philosophy as this movie does. It is vital to study Gnosticism deeply to grasp A Dark Song fully.

Who is the Angel in the movie A Dark Song?

a dark song ending explained

In the movie A Dark Song, Martina Nunvarova played the role of Guardian Angel, who appeared at the film’s end.

All my bones trembled with trembling and dread. The face of a spirit was then passed. The hair on the body had bristles. A form was before its eyes; it stood still but could not discern its appearance.

Is it possible for humanity to be just before God? What is the possibility of a man being pure before his Creator? This is one of the few scriptures that suggests spirits can take on physical form even slightly.

A multitude of angels informed the shepherds of the birth of Jesus through Gabriel and the Angel of the Lord. They always told me not to be afraid when they appeared. Christmas story itself contains numerous examples of this, even for non-Christian readers.


Original Title: A Dark Song

Genre: Horror/ Thriller

Runtime: 1hr 40min

Original Language: English

Written & directed by Liam Gavin

Tagline: Not everything can be forgiven.

Release date: April 28, 2017 (USA)

Origin Country: United Kingdom

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