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Cam (2018) psychological horror movie directed by Daniel Goldhaber. This is one of the smartest horror movies of the last few years for its plot making and ending twists.

Cam Ending Explained & Plot Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

Alice is an online cam girl (Lola_Lola) who is desperate to get into the top 50. For that she makes a fake drama of cutting her throat, collaborating with another cam girl of the website.

The next day Lola cannot get into her profile. But in a short time, she discovers that a virtual clone is running her profile.

In the end, Lola aka Alice tricks the clone & takes the password back, and deletes the account.

The last scene of the movie shows Alice taking a new profile name, changing her looks, and starting a new camgirl profile on that website.

Who stole Lola’s identity in the Cam (2018) movie?

The whole movie is from Alice’s point of view and we see Alice isn’t that concerned about what this thing is. She just wants to get back on her show.

So, we are also not sure what (or who) is responsible for stealing Alice’s identity. But as the story flows, we are quite sure that the replica is not a human being nor ghosts or demons. That is a software-generated virtual clone.

This day, deep fake is a common word for online users. Here software analyzes hundreds of thousands of photos, videos, and voices of a person and creates a pattern. Then it makes fake expressions, voices, and even a long duration video.

In the film Cam, it is clear that the replica is a deep fake clone of Alice.

Now a few questions arise in your mind.

  1. What is the motive?
  2. Who stole Lola’s access?
  3. When & how did he/they do this?

What is the motive of the stealing?

Money is the primary motive. Because we see fake Lola changes not only the password but also the email of the profile and encourages viewers to send coins. So, the coins will be sent to the new email. And at the end, the coins will be converted to real money.

Who stole Lola’s access?

There are two main possibilities.

  1. An algorithm did this as Tinker says.
  2. An individual or group of hackers did this to the account.

This is very clear that Lola’s account was hacked and then the hacker changed the password and email address.

I believe an individual or a group of hackers is behind the incident. Because there is a clear motive for money. Self-created software doesn’t need any money. So, there must be at least one human behind all the scenes who needs money in real life.

I think the hacker group builds software that can track camgirls, create deep-fakes and later run the profile on its own which is very similar to web spider and its algorithm.

  1. The software is artificial intelligence for sure. Because it has the password of the profile. When Alice tricks the clone and asks for the password then the clone sends it to Alice. This is a clear indication that the software is artificial intelligence oriented, maintains the profile on its own and has permission to deliver access to others. For any second-generation software, this type of access is strictly prohibited.
  2. There is another proof that the clone has an algorithm to learn by itself.
    When Alice hits & breaks her nose and she starts bleeding then the clone takes a few moments to put blood on its face.
    Here, the software has no data about blood on any camgirl’s face. This is obvious that no camgirl ever wants to destroy her face.
    So, the software got new data and after a few moments, it applies. Then we saw blood on her face.
    Therefore, algorithm theory is also valid.

When & how did he/they do this?

Alice makes a Collab episode with another camgirl. There she fainted out.

The next morning when she tries to log in, she finds out she has been hacked. So middle of this Alice lost her access.

Is Tinker involved with the scammer group?

Though it is not sure about Tinker’s involvement with the scammers as the movie shows that Tinker is not a culprit.

He is an introverted man who is addicted to online cam sessions. Somehow, he figures out that there is a group that steals many girls’ profiles and continues with replicas.

Alice suspects that maybe Tinker knows something and he tells the truth when she forced him.

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What does the ending of film Cam mean?

The movie Cam (2018) is a metaphor for our modern-day life. We people are living now in two different states of life. One is virtual life which is oriented with social media and the other one is in real life.

Most of the time, people share their only happy moments on the internet. So, when others check his/her social profile they find the person so happy and delightful.

But in reality, everyone has joy and pain.

Everyone knows the truth but even then, they feel sad & jealous after seeing others’ (fake) happy moments.

Even after so much, no one abandons the social life.

Alice does the same thing in the movie.

We see Alice is a very cheerful girl in front of the camera but in reality, she is sad about her career and jealous of top cam girls. She is not happy with her current position.

Her ranking is around 60 and she wants to get into the top 50. But she could now be 100 or 200 in ranking. She doesn’t even think about it once.

She almost got caught up in the black hole of the internet but in the end, she went back to the camgirl profession.


Original Title Cam

Genre Horror/ Psychological/ Thriller/ Mystery

Runtime 1hr 34min

Original Language English

Directed by Daniel Goldhaber

Written by Isa Mazzei, Daniel Goldhaber, Isabelle Link-Levy

Release date November 16, 2018 (USA)

Official Website Cam Netflix (Watch)

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Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Characters Name
Madeline Brewer Alice
Patch Darragh Tinker
Michael Dempsey Barney
Melora Walters Lynne

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