End of Days (1999) Ending Explained

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End of Days is a supernatural horror movie directed by Peter Hyams released in 1999.

End of Days Ending Explained in Details

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A priest is sent by the Pope in 1979, to protect a newborn baby, Christine York, identified by Satanists in New York as the mother of Satan’s child after witnessing a comet arching over the moon at the Vatican. Some Vatican knights (led by a corrupt cardinal) insist she must be killed.

satan in the movie end of days 1999

An investment banker is possessed by Satan in a restaurant in 1999, before the restaurant, as well as the people inside, are destroyed. Jericho Cane is a suicidal and alcoholic former police detective who is depressed after his wife and daughter were murdered and works for a security company. The possessed banker is being protected by Jericho and co-worker Bobby Chicago. Thomas Aquinas (whose name is likely to be derived from Saint Thomas Aquinas) fails to kill the banker. Jericho captures Aquinas, who says: “The thousand years are over, the dark angel has been released from prison” and that a female is a key. NYPD arrests Aquinas. A former colleague of Jericho’s, Marge Francis, tells Jericho Aquinas does not have a tongue.

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Bobby and Jericho find Aquinas’ tongue in a jar and messages and symbols written in blood on the walls of his apartment. Marge reveals that Aquinas was trained by the Vatican and sent to New York before he disappeared. Father Kovak knows Aquinas, so Jericho enquires about him. Kovak claims that Aquinas was driven mad by forces that Jericho could not comprehend. Aquinas is crucified on the ceiling of his hospital by Satan. Aquinas wakes up after he has been brought down and presumed dead, grabs a syringe to attack Jericho, but is shot by one of the police officers. Upon discovering “Christ in New York” carved on Aquinas’ skin, Jericho and Chicago search for any similar names and come across Christine York’s apartment.

She is rescued by Jericho from the Vatican Knights, but Satan blows up Chicago’s van, killing him and setting the apartment on fire. The two flee the burning apartment after Jericho fights off Mabel. As a result of her failure, Satan kills Mabel; Marge and a fellow officer, both revealed to be Satanists, demand Jericho surrender Christine. After Jericho kills them both, Christine escapes with Christine, while Satan resurrects Marge to rally the rest of the Satanists. Jericho and Christine take refuge in the church, where Father Kovak tells them Satan must impregnate Christine by New Year’s Eve at midnight to bring the end of days. Christine accepts Kovak’s protection, despite Jericho’s skepticism, and Jericho returns to his apartment.

Jericho is confronted by Satan in his apartment and tempted to give up Christine in exchange for his family’s resurrection. Chicago quickly knocks on Jericho’s apartment door after he resists his temptations. Having doubts about Chicago’s claim of survival, Jericho shoots him in the arm in an attempt to determine whether Satan has possessed the body. They agree to retrieve Christine from the church once they are sure it is indeed Chicago.

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As Jericho returns to the church, the cardinal and his knights are about to kill Christine. Satan appears and kills the Vatican clergy. Jericho is betrayed by Chicago, who leaves him to be beaten and crucified by a mob of Satanists, revealing that he made a pact with Satan, who resurrected him after the van exploded. Kovak rescues Jericho after Chicago leaves Christine behind. Following his recovery, Jericho locates the Satanists’ lair. After Jericho kills Marge once again and rescues Christine, Satan burns Chicago to death for violating the pact. After escaping the burning lair, Jericho and Christine board a train through a subway tunnel. They are pursued by Satan, who kills the driver. Nevertheless, Jericho separates the train before firing a grenade at Satan, destroying the train car he was in. Now that the banker’s body is irreparably damaged, Satan abandons him to pursue Jericho and Christine, leaving the banker to die.

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Jericho and Christine flee and arrive at another church, where he renews his faith in God and prays for strength. Satan emerges from beneath the church as a massive, winged creature. Jericho, with Satan now in his body, attempts to rape Christine, but Christine is able to persuade him to deliberately impale himself on a sword protruding from a statue of Archangel Michael. By sacrificing himself, Jericho effectively prevents Satan’s endgame. As the world celebrates a new millennium, God frees Jericho and banishes Satan to hell. A vision of Jericho’s wife and daughter awaits him in the afterlife. As Christine embraces Jericho in tears before the police and ambulance arrive to remove the body, Jericho passes away peacefully.


Original Title End of Days

Other Titles La fin des temps (Canada), Konec Sveta (Czechia)

Genre Supernatural Horror

Runtime 2hr 02min

Original Language English

Directed by Peter Hyams

Written by Andrew W. Marlowe

Tagline ‘When the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison.’

Release date November 24, 1999 (USA)

Origin Country United States

Filming location United States

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Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Character Name
Arnold Schwarzenegger Jericho
Robin Tunney Christine
Gabriel Byrne The Man/ Satan

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