The Love Witch (2016) Ending Explained

The Love Witch ending explained

The Love Witch is a 2016 American horror movie that follows the story of a Witch who hypnotizes men to have sexual relationships with her. The ending explanation for the film is that it is an allegory for the power of love.

The Love Witch Ending Explained and Plot Story in Details

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After Jerry’s death, Elaine, a beautiful young witch, drives to California to start a new life in a town that accepts witchcraft. Elaine may have murdered him, as it is heavily implied.

Trish Manning, Elaine’s interior decorator, maintains Elaine’s mentor Barbara’s Victorian home with an apartment she rents.

After meeting Elaine’s gaze, Trish introduces her husband Richard to her at a teahouse, where he is instantly smitten with the young woman. When Elaine performs a ritual to find a new lover, she meets Wayne, a literature professor at the local college, soon after.

Her concoction containing hallucinogens gets Wayne drunk at Wayne’s cabin. Elaine finds Wayne’s emotional and clingy nature offensive after they have sex.

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Elaine buries his body the next day with a witch bottle containing urine and used tampons. Richard will be her next target since he is married and cannot obsess over her. In addition to serving him a concoction and seducing him with a dance, Elaine invites him to her apartment while Trish is away.

They have sex at the end of the night. Elaine abandons their relationship when Richard becomes obsessed with her.

Policeman Griff, who falls in love with Elaine, finds Wayne’s body and a witch bottle. Elaine agrees with him and sees him as the ideal partner. The couple holds a spoof wedding with her coven to demonstrate their devotion.

The devil’s weed found in Wayne’s system grew around the cabin that Wayne shared with Griff. Steve forces Griff to reveal Wayne’s death due to a heart attack. Although Jerry did not take drugs, he died from a drug overdose shortly before remarrying.

Elaine’s mock wedding ends with Trish wearing the ring Griff gave her, but she forgets to return it to her. Trish discovers Richard’s suicide in his bathtub while he is morose.

As Trish leaves the apartment with evidence linking her to Richard, she is caught by Elaine and the two fight.

In the lounge, Elaine meets Griff, who confronts her over Wayne and Richard’s deaths. Trish’s items implicate her in Richard’s suicide based on DNA evidence left in Wayne’s witch bottle.

Griff won’t let Elaine off the hook despite his love for her earlier. A cabaret patron overhears their conversation and attempts to assault Elaine sexually.

In the end, Griff helped her escape, and the two returned to her apartment together.

Rather than drinking his drink, Griff drops it on the floor when Elaine locks him in his room for the night. In disbelief, she stabs him in the heart after realizing he is right that no man could ever love her enough.

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How did Elaine become a witch in the movie The Love Witch?

Elaine Parks, the main character in The Love Witch, played by Samantha Robinson, is beautiful in the film. But at first, she wasn’t an enchantress. After losing her husband, Elaine became pagan. A desperate woman, she hypnotizes men into becoming her adoring love slaves by using spells and potions.

A female villain created by Anne Biller trespasses into taboo by embracing and utilizing her sexuality without shame. In this case, the Female Gaze criticizes and refuses to accommodate the Male Gaze.

As she lacks experience with magic, her spells invariably backfire and leave her boyfriend in an emotional mess. She poses a severe threat because of her reckless use of magic and lack of concern for others.

The film’s primary colour is red, chosen because of its close association with sensuality; the particular tones are employed to create an oddly surreal and campy vibe.

Since nude women represent female sexuality, visual art is integral to the set design. Everything from the satin drapes to the leather couches to the spherical tablecloths is a shade of red that glows in the red light.


Original Title: The Love Witch

Genre: Horror/ Comedy

Runtime: 2hr 00min

Original Language: English

Written & directed by Anna Biller

Tagline: She Loved Men… To Death.

Release date: November 11, 2016 (USA)

Origin Country: United States

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