Raw (2016) Ending Explained

Raw (2016) movie ending explained

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Raw (2016) is a French gore horror film written & directed by Julia Ducournau. The film is all about cannibalism and ‘craving for human raw flesh.’ But what makes it so unique is the ending that is sure to make your blood run cold.

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Raw plot story and ending explained in details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

The movie starts with a car crash scene where a girl intentionally comes to the road to crash the car. This leads to the car in major damage but the girl is perfectly fine.

The scene changes to a restaurant where Justine is eating with her parents. Here we realize that Justine is a pure vegetarian and her mother is also very strict on the matter.

Justine has started her first semester of veterinary school. It’s the school where their parents first met and where her older sister Alexia attends. She meets her roommate Adrien on her first night there. They are required to participate in a hazing ritual for a week. This is the ritual that they apply to welcome new students. They are taken to a party. Alexia shows Justine old class photos of students bathed in blood. One image shows them with their parents.

The new class is covered in blood when it arrives the following morning. It is required of the newcomers to consume raw rabbit kidneys. Since Justine is a vegetarian, she declines. She wants help from Alexia to skip the step but didn’t get any. Alexia eats one raw Kidney and also makes her consume one.

After leaving with Adrien, Justine notices an itchy rash covering her entire body. She visits the doctor, who diagnoses her with food poisoning and prescribes rash cream.

The following day, Justine starts to crave meat. She feels humiliated about it. She goes to a gas station late at night with Adrien so that no one will see her eating meat. She consumes raw chicken in the morning and later throws up a long clump of her own hair after feeling unsatisfied.

Alexia tries to wax her bikini that evening. Alexia attempts to remove the wax with a pair of sharp scissors, but Justine kicks her away. By mistake, Alexia amputates her own finger. Justine picks up the finger, tastes the blood, and begins eating it as Alexia collapses. Alexia discovers Justine doing this when she awakes, but she later informs their parents that her dog Quicky ate it.

Alexia drives Justine to a deserted road the following morning. She dashes out in front of a car. The two people inside were consequently forced to crash into a tree. For her sister to “learn,” Alexia begins to eat one of the passengers. Justine is shocked instead.

Despite this, Justine begins to lust after Adrien, and her craving for human meat intensifies. She shows up at a party later that evening. As part of yet another hazing ritual, paint is thrown at her. She is compelled to kiss someone. Justine bites off the center of his bottom lip during their kiss. The other partygoers were shocked and appalled, so. After returning to her dorm, Justine takes a shower where she eats a piece of his lip that she pulled out of her teeth.

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Adrien learns Justine’s secret, and they have sex as a result. During their make out, Justine tries to bite Adrien. Instead, she appears to be ‘done’ as she repeatedly bites her own arm until it is severely bleeding.

At a different party, Justine overindulges and Alexia transports her to the mortuary.

The next day, Justine is the center of attention at school. Others avoided her. Adrien plays a clip of Justine crawling on all fours for the woman. She is attempting to bite into a corpse’s arm as Alexia encourages her, drawing boos and cheers from the audience of party guests who are onlookers.

Alexia is challenged by Justine, who fights her. They eventually start biting until other students have to pull them apart. Alexia is lifted by Justine. As they return to their dorms, they walk side by side.

The following morning, Adrien and Justine awake in the same bed. But she soon realizes that she is bloodied. The covers are removed by her. She horrifyingly discovers Adrien dead with a stab wound in his back and most of his right leg eaten. Then Justine notices a bloody Alexia lying on the ground. She is initially incensed that Alexia killed Adrien, but she later cleans up in the shower with Alexia.

Justine is returned to her family while Alexia is put in jail for killing Adrien. There, Justine’s father informs her that neither she nor Alexia are to blame for what happened.

When he first met their mother, he says, he didn’t know why she didn’t want to be with him. He goes on to explain that. When they had their first kiss, according to her father, he finally understood. He gestures toward a scar on his lip. Then, as he opens his shirt, scars and portions of his chest are visible. Finally, he assures Justine that a solution will be found.

You can breathe now; the disturbance ends her.

Aside from the grossness of Raw (2016) movie ending can be explained in a few ways.

First, the film may have been created with a specific ending in mind, and that finale may not be entirely clear or satisfying to all viewers.

Second, some viewers may find themselves disappointed with the film’s end even after watching it multiple times. In either case, “Raw” should be remembered for its innovative and unique plotlines and memorable characters.


Original Title: Grave

Other Titles: Raw (USA, UK), Raw – Una cruda verità (Italy)

Genre: Horror/ Slasher

Runtime: 1hr 39min

Original Language: French

Written & directed by Julia Ducournau

Tagline: What are you hungry for?

Release date: March 10, 2017 (USA)

Origin Country: France, Belgium, United States

Filming locations: Université de Liège, Sart-Tilman, Liège, Wallonia, Belgium

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Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Characters Name
Garance Marillier Justine
Ella Rumpf Alexia
Rabah Nait Oufella Adrien

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