The Void (2016) Ending Explained

The Void movie ending explained

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The Void (2016) is a Lovecraftian horror movie directed by Jeremy Gillespie & Steven Kostanski. In the movie, Sheriff Daniel, patients, and staffers are captured by cloaked, cult-like figures in a hospital which is a gateway to evil.

The Void Movie Plot Story and Ending Explained

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

The movie begins at night with James escaping from a farmhouse and escaping into the forest. She is killed by a gunshot and set on fire by Vincent & Simon when she tries to follow him. Then we see a bunch of strange people standing in front of them who are covered with a white cloth drawn a pyramid.

Cultists in The Void movie
Cultists in The Void movie.

The scene changes to Sheriff Daniel Carter, who is on duty near a forest road. He finds James beside the road and takes him to the local hospital.

A fire has left the hospital mostly abandoned. Because of this, the hospital is moving into a new building in town. There are now only a few doctors and nurses working there. Allison, one of the nurses at the hospital, is the wife of the sheriff.

Sheriff Carter meets Dr. Richard, nurse Beverly, and intern Kim after admitting James to the hospital. Tonight, they’re on duty. There is another patient in the waiting room named Maggie. She is pregnant and her delivery will occur at any moment. Her grandfather Ben is with her.

Daniel Carter witnessed another patient Cliff being murdered by nurse Beverly while he was passing a cabin.  Suddenly, Beverly turns around and attacks Daniel. He shoots her in self-defense, and Beverly dies.

A seizure causes Daniel to collapse, and he witnesses an odd vision.

Upon discovering the bloody scene at the farmhouse, state trooper Mitchell enters the hospital to collect James.

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Daniel gets into his car to call in Beverly’s death. But he is confronted by a strange white-robed man from the movie’s first scene. Stranger-robed man appears to be a member of some secret cult. Daniel manages to return to the hospital building despite being surrounded by other members of the cult. Cultists then crowd around the hospital without entering.

After Beverly’s corpse was discovered, James, Daniel, and Mitchell found that it had turned into a tentacled creature. The three then escaped into the lobby. During that time, Vincent and Simon came in to kill James.

To protect himself, James takes Maggie hostage. During this chaos, James stabs Dr. Richard Powell to death.

Ellen Wong and Kathleen Munroe
Ellen Wong and Kathleen Munroe.

All of a sudden, Beverly appears and captures Mitchell. Her tentacles entangle him. Simon and Vincent shoot the mysterious creature to stop it.

Now they become united as a group to overcome the bizarre situation.

They set fire on Mitchell’s body and decide to get more firearms from Daniel’s car. Thus, Vincent, Simon, and Daniel go outside and find the car is now at a distance which is quite unusual.

Another side, Allison goes into the basement to collect medical equipment for Maggie.

Daniel and others are attacked by the cult members but they manage to back the building with guns. After noticing Allison is gone for a while, Daniel and Vincent decide to look for her.

In Powell’s room, Vincent & Daniel find some photographs and documents that indicate Dr. Powell was the cult’s leader. That is a piece of shocking news for them.

the pyramid in the void movie
Daniel sees a pyramid in his unconscious vision.

This time the phone rings and Daniel receive it. Powell is on the other end of the line. That means he’s still alive. Powell tells Daniel about his strange visions when he became unconscious previously. Powell starts taunting Daniel.

Daniel, Simon, and Vincent go to James and start to interrogate the cult. He explains that Powell has the power to transform people. Then they decide to go to the underground and forces James to come with them. Four men move forward.

Kim and Ben stay with Maggie but her condition is not good. She needs emergency operating support but Kim is not capable of that because she is still a trainee. But Ben wants to perform Kim otherwise Maggie and baby both will die.

The scene changes to Allison. She awakens on an operating table. Powell is also standing in the room. Powell begins to explain everything. After losing his daughter Sarah many years ago, he found a way to defy death. Powell shows Allison a sign of growth inside of her.

Daniel, Vincent, Simon, and James discover a secret area in the basement. There are a lot of deformed corpses around. The dead bodies reanimate and attack them like a nightmare. James is killed by one of the corpses, but the others escape. However, they become separated.

The scene changes to Maggie and Kim again. There is no time to perform a C-section and Kim still hesitates to do so. Maggie stands and cuts off Ben’s throat. She reveals that she has carried Dr. Powell’s child. As some Cult members enter the room, Kim runs for her life. Maggie walks away.

Daniel discovers Allison pregnant in the operating room. A tentacled creature extends from her body. Daniel sees the vision again, and this time Allison and their newborn are with him. But Daniel realizes it’s an illusion and picks up an ax to cut Allison’s mutated body.

Afterward, they are transported to the morgue. On the wall, there is a glowing triangle, and Powell stands in front of it. The skin on Powell’s body has disappeared, and he appears like a monster.

Powell begins telepathically communicating with Daniel. He explains that he found a way to conquer life and death. He can now bring anyone back to life from the dead. If Daniel wishes, he can also bring back his child. But the condition is he should willingly die first. Daniel doesn’t agree.

Maggie appears and stabs Daniel and kneels before Powell.

Powell recites an unknown incarnation before the triangle and it starts to open as a porthole between another dimension and this world.

Then Powell puts his hand on Maggie’s head and she explodes. Her baby comes out as a giant tentacle monster. It is Powell’s daughter Sarah in another form.

Vincent and Simon reach the room and Sarah attacks them. Vincent covers her in isopropyl alcohol and allows Simon to set them both on fire. Vincent sacrificed himself for destroying the monster.

Powell opens the Void door
Powell opens the Void door.

Powell tells Daniel he can be with Allison if he stops resisting. Daniel refuses and jumps on him which leads both to roll into the void.

Meanwhile, the Sarah-creature pursues Simon but he escapes and the teleported dimension is closed. It’s morning and Kim & Simon make it to survive.

In the last scene of the movie, Daniel and Allison are shown holding hands in front of a black pyramid in another world. They might have entered the void now.

The movie ends here.


Original Title The Void

Other Titles La malédiction de l’au-delà (Canada), El vacío (Spain)

Genre Cosmic Horror/ Gore

Runtime 1hr 30min

Original Language English

Directed by Jeremy Gillespie, Steven Kostanski

Written by Jeremy Gillespie, Steven Kostanski

Produced by Casey Walker, Jonathan Bronfman

Tagline There is a Hell. This is worse.

Release date April 7, 2017 (USA)

Origin Country Canada

Official Website The Void Facebook

Awards 3 Wins, 2 Nominations

Brainless Pen Rating!

Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Character Name
Aaron Poole Daniel Carter
Kenneth Welsh Dr. Richard Powell
Kathleen Munroe Allison Fraser
Evan Stern James
Ellen Wong Kim

Official Trailer

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