Underwater (2020) Ending Explained

Underwater (2020) Ending Explained & Review

Underwater is a sci-fi and Lovecraftian horror film released in 2020 which is directed by William Eubank and starts with Kristen Stewart. The movie won1 award and 5 nominees. The movie is full of suspense and intense like Devil (2010), The Mist (2007).

Underwater (2020) Film Full Plot Explained

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August 07, 2050

The movie Underwater (2020) starts with the scene with a drilling station named Kepler which is run by Tian Industries. Kepler is in the deep of Mariana Trench. They drill almost 7miles deep undersea which is kind of impossible still with our modern technology.

Whatever, Kepler did their job and appointed many employees. The first person we met is Norah Price who is a mechanical engineer. She looks sad on the screen, maybe the reason is spending too much time under the sea. Norah doesn’t even know when it is day or night. Of course, sunlight can’t reach so deep in the sea.

Suddenly an earthquake hits the station. The station begins to fall apart. Norah runs for safety with Rodrigo, who is one of his colleagues. They enter a safety chamber and need to shield from water. Some people are trying to reach the safety chamber but Norah has to shield the door asap. Otherwise, water will seep in and the entire station will be destroyed. So, Norah leaves them and closes the door. A small explosion occurs and the situation becomes more chaotic.

Norah & Rodrigo move forward to the evacuation pods. The corridor collapsed. There is now a small tunnel for crawling and they keep moving. They find another coworker, Paul, trapped underneath some debris. They freed Paul and the three reached the evacuation pod.

Underwater Explained & Review

They find Captain Lucien, biologist Emily, and Engineer Liam Smith who already are in there, and all pods are gone. Captain Lucien makes a plan to go to Roebuck station though Norah protests. But that is the only possibility to find a way of surviving.

They wear pressurized suits to travel. In the beginning, Rodrigo’s helmet cracked and he died in an instant. Norah says that somehow, she knew Rodrigo knew his helmet was faulty. They continue their moving.

After some time they receive a distracting signal and they assume there may be any survivor who is trying to communicate. So, Liam & Paul slip out for searching. They find a wounded dead body instead of any evacuation pod. Suddenly a small creature from the corpse attacks them and Liam kills it by gunfire. They bring the creature back for inspection and Emily declares that it is a modified version of a long-gone ancient species. You become amused at this stage.

An explosion triggers the Kepler station to explore further away from the Roebuck, causing debris to fall on the crew. As a result of Liam’s mishap, his oxygen tank is damaged and he inhales fumes, but the others bring him in and help him. Their suits need to be recharged in the access tunnel, but Liam’s is severely damaged. Eventually, one of the creatures of the deepsea pulls Paul underwater, and he ends up getting ripped apart as the others watch.

Liam’s damaged suit will cause him to breathe in more fumes while the remaining four make their way to the Midway station. Louis tries to reach out from there but is unable to. They find the damaged computer systems. Emily says this is nature’s retribution for drilling work they’ve been doing. Norah agrees.

While walking across the ocean floor, another creature attacks them. Liam is pulled into a cave by the creature, prompting Lucien to fight it off. Although Liam returns safely, Lucien and Norah are dragged by the creature. During the ascent, the rapid increase in pressure threatens both Norah and Lucien, so he sacrifices himself to save Norah.

Underwater (2020) Cast- William Eubank & Kristen Stewart

Norah reaches the Shepard station and finds Lucien’s work, which suggests that he may have known something about the creatures, but nothing concrete. Norah then attempts to contact Liam and Emily but does not receive a response. Following a brief moment of despair, Norah picks herself up, gets a new suit, and sets out for Roebuck.

Afterward, Norah walks to Emily and Liam on the ocean. She is fortunate to find Emily pulling Liam. Liam is dragged back to the Roebuck station by Norah and Emily. Finally, they arrive.

However, there appears to be a whole nest of creatures on the ceiling, so the three must make their way in quietly. There are three evacuation pods, but the third has been severely damaged and cannot be used. After placing Liam in a pod, Norah tries to persuade Emily to take the next one. Despite Emily’s protests, Norah has to knock her into the pod to get her to leave. In the Marianas trench, Norah remained to die alone.

While Emily and Liam’s pods are leaving, the creatures follow them. The large leader monster emerges shortly afterward and begins attacking Roebuck. As Norah realizes there is no other way out, she raises the energy levels in the station to annihilate all the creatures in the ocean. As she looks back on her time there, she appears to be at ease with her decision, even smiling a little as the leader and its monsters go down with her.

In the final minutes of the film, newspaper articles are shown discussing Liam and Emily’s survival, but Tian Industries does everything they can to silence their testimony and go on with their ocean-based work.

The movie ends here.

Underwater (2020) Review

What is the monster at the end of Underwater?

At the end of the movie Underwater, the main monster that emerges is a colossal and terrifying creature, known as the “Kaiju.” The Kaiju is the leader of the ancient, Lovecraftian-like creatures that dwell in the depths of the Mariana Trench. It is an enormous and ferocious entity, and its presence poses an immense threat to the surviving crew members of the underwater station.

Throughout the film, the crew encounters various smaller, more agile creatures that attack them, but the Kaiju remains unseen until the climax. When Norah Price reaches the Roebuck station with fellow survivor Emily and an injured Liam, they discover a whole nest of creatures hanging on the station’s ceiling. The Kaiju, as the largest and most powerful of these creatures, makes its dramatic entrance.

As the evacuation pods depart from the station, the Kaiju begins attacking the Roebuck, determined to pursue the escaping survivors. Realizing there is no other way to stop the creature and prevent further devastation, Norah decides to sacrifice herself for the greater good. She raises the energy levels in the station, causing a massive explosion that obliterates both the Kaiju and all the other creatures in the ocean.

Norah’s selfless act ensures that the monsters are contained and prevents them from reaching the surface and causing further havoc. The film ends with Norah’s sacrifice, leaving an impactful conclusion to the harrowing and suspenseful underwater horror story.

Why did Rodrigo explode Underwater?

In the movie Underwater, Rodrigo did not intentionally explode. During the chaos caused by the earthquake that struck the Kepler station, the crew members were trying to reach the safety chamber to shield themselves from the imminent danger of flooding. Unfortunately, a small explosion occurred during their attempt to seal the safety chamber, resulting in Rodrigo’s death.

As the water rushed into the station, Norah, one of the main characters, had to make a difficult decision to close the safety chamber door to prevent the entire station from flooding and protect the remaining survivors. She couldn’t save everyone, and Rodrigo was left outside the chamber when the explosion occurred. It was an unfortunate consequence of the dire circumstances they faced during the disaster.

What happens at the end of Underwater movie?

At the end of the movie Underwater, Norah Price, the main protagonist portrayed by Kristen Stewart, reaches the Roebuck station with her fellow survivors, Emily and an injured Liam. There, they discover a whole nest of monstrous creatures, with the colossal and terrifying Kaiju being the leader.

Realizing that there is no other way to stop the creatures and prevent further destruction, Norah decides to sacrifice herself for the greater good. She raises the energy levels in the station, causing a massive explosion that annihilates the Kaiju and all the other creatures in the ocean.

Norah’s selfless act ensures that the monsters are contained and prevents them from reaching the surface and causing further havoc. As a result of her sacrifice, the surviving crew members, Emily and Liam, are able to escape in the evacuation pods. The film ends with Norah’s heroic act, leaving a poignant conclusion to the harrowing and suspenseful underwater horror story.

Good Points

  • Unpredictable, because of its unique idea.
  • Entertained
  • Fantastic effects
  • The movie moves quickly into action
  • The acting is great. Especially Kristen Stewart nailed her role.

Bad Points

  • No character development
  • Lack of realistic physics
  • Cinematography & S/VFX should be developed more. Especially camera shakes several times when it moves.
  • Too many close-ups & visions are blurred.


If you love cosmic horror or Lovecraftian horror then this is a must-watch recommended by Brainless Pen.


Original Title Underwater

Other Titles Undersea

Genre Sci-fi/ Lovecraftian Horror/ Survival

Runtime 1hr 35min

Original Language English

Director William Eubank

Producer Peter Chernin, Tonia Davis, Jenno Topping

Release date January 10, 2020 (USA)

Filming location Louisiana, USA

Official Website Underwater – Facebook

Brainless Pen Rating!

Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Character Name
Kristen Stewart Norah Price
Vincent Cassel Captain Lucien
John Gallagher Jr. Liam Smith
Jessica Henwick Emily Haversham

Official Trailer

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