VFW (2019) Movie Explained

vfw (2019) ending explained

VFW (2019) is an action horror movie directed by Joe Begos. The movie is about a group of Army Veteran soldiers who must fight with a mad, drug-addicted called Hyper to survive. The storyline is good enough to watch till the end, and here is the explanation.

VFW Ending Explained and Plot Story in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

The movie starts with a note that the world is addicted to a highly addictive drug called Hype. The people who take Hype are called Hyper. The world is running out of Hyper; thus, it is valuable to Hypers. Sometimes Hypers committed violent works to get the drug.

Here we introduce a psychotic gang leader name Boz. His gang hooked all Hype and sold them at an extremely high price.

A drug-addicted lady named Lucy comes to Boz to get Hyper. But one of his members through a bag of drugs from the balcony, and she jumped to get that. So, she died in that place in an instant. This symbolizes how much-addicted people become for Hype.

Lucy’s sister Elizabeth (nickname Lizard) witnesses her death. She steals all Hype drugs from Boz’s volt and flees. Boz’s gang notices that and starts chasing her.

The scene changes to an Army Veteran from Vietnam War named Fred. He comes to VFW (Veterans of Foreign wars) to hang out with his old friends Lou, Walter, Abe, Shaun, Dough and Thomas.

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Suddenly Lizard enters VFW, and Boz’s gang is chasing her. Boz’s brother Roadie comes to the building with an axe, and Dough tries to calm them down smoothly. But Roadie cuts Dough’s hand with the axe. The retired army team is shocked and realizes something big will happen.

The Veterans fight back with Boz’s gang. Fred kills Roadie with a shotgun. Then they try to take Dough to the hospital. But Boz’s other gang members attack them. One of Boz’s members, named Gutter, attacks Fred. They all somehow survived and returned to the bar.

They all ask Lizard why Boz’s gang is on her. But she doesn’t answer.

Lou finds Lizard’s backpack with stolen Hyper stash, and the Veterans realize the reasons. Then Lizard reminds that Fred Killed Boz’s brother Roadie, and this now turns into a war of revenge.

Fred and his friends take a shield from the VFW building to protect themselves from Hypers. Later Lou tries to negotiate with Boz, but Boz’s men brutally kill him.

Boz, who has had enough of the Veterans slaughtering his troops, is faced with a last-ditch defence from Fred and the Veterans. A no-exit request is issued to Fred by the Hypers after they blow up the barricade and demand the merchandise back. Despite everything they made Fred and the others go through, he persists.

Abe defeats Gutter after taking a hit of Hype to help her focus, but she loses her life when Fred drives a broken flag pole through her torso and another through her head. Boz shoots Boz in the back and the rucksack he had earlier doused with alcohol, setting the backpack ablaze and allowing Lizard to flee. Shaun ambushes Walter and drives the old gun truck into Boz’s getaway car after he borrows a chainsaw to get to the Vet’s old gun truck.

Lizard, Fred and Shaun return to the destroyed bar and takes shots for their friends. Then Lizard exposes the hidden block of Hype for Fred to repair the building and make his life comfortable after selling the Hype.

The three then continued their drinks. Shaun wishes Fred a happy birthday.

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What is the Hype in the movie VFW (2019)?

In the movie VFW (2019), Hype is a very addictive and expensive drug that is hard to find. This drug can harm people mentally and physically. The addicted people of Hype are called Hyper in the film. They can go far beyond the social and behavioural limit to get a dose of Hype.

Is VFW (2019) movie worth watching?

Yes, VFW (2019) is a worth-watching slasher movie.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) National Convention is a powerful voice for the military and veteran community. So when a movie points out to VFW, there must be some violence, action and madness. The movie industry has lately been aimed at veterans, so it’s no surprise that VFW will do a nightmarish show over the weekend. However, given all of the good things that the VFW does, there will likely be something worth watching if you attend.


Original Title: VFW

Genre: Slasher/ Horror

Runtime: 1hr 32min

Original Language: English

Directed by Joe Begos

Written by Max Brallier, Matthew McArdle

Tagline: It’s Gonna Get Bloody!

Release date: September 21, 2019

Brainless Pen Rating!

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