May (2002) Ending Explained

May (2002) ending explained

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May (2002) is a psychological horror-thriller movie written & directed by Lucky McKee. The plot of the movie May (2002) centers on a twisted character May, played by Angela Betis.

The main character of the movie, May, undergoes depravity and rejection from her mates. This leads her to carry out vengeful and violent acts. Neglect from society and the people around her drove her insane and sad.

May Ending Explained in Details

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The film’s first scene shows a woman screaming in pain, grasping her bloody eye. The next scene displays a little girl, showing that woman in her childhood. In this part, the film displays how her childhood was troubled and how she was an outcast in her school years.

Because May has a lazy eye and wears an eyepatch on it, she is isolated at school and has no friends. However, her mother gives her a doll named Suzie on her birthday. She explains a lesson to her: “If you can’t find a friend, make one.” After that, she makes Suzie her only friend, with whom she shares her daily events.

In her mid-twenties, May works in a veterinary clinic as an assistant. She consults with an optometrist and has her lazy eye fixed with contact lenses. She falls for a local mechanic, Adam Stubbs, as May finds his hands perfect and attractive.

One day, May stalks the mechanic during her lunch break at work and ends up rubbing her face against the man’s hand while he is napping in a coffee shop. May, however, finds herself in an uncomfortable circumstance when he awakes.

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May has a creative and artistic mind, making her clothes. She seems very skilled and confident in her job. She assists the veterinary doctor while operating on animals. Polly, the receptionist, a lesbian by nature, flirts with May whenever she finds an opportunity. May also find Polly’s neck perfect and appreciates it.

Spending most of her time alone in her apartment, she is a lonely young woman who lacks social connections. Only Suzie, her friend-like glass-encased doll, is in one piece because her mother told her that the doll is special and she should not touch it. May, however, senses a lack of a real friend.

Why Does May Feel Fascinated by Adam?

May has a strong desire to overcome her social isolation. She talks to her doll, Suzie, about how Adam fascinates her. She talks about his perfect hands as if she has never seen such beautiful hands before.

After getting unusually touched by Adam’s hand, she tries to get closer to him. One day, at a laundromat, she meets Adam out of the blue. She introduces herself and offers detergent to Adam.

Also, Adam offers May cigarettes and later teaches her how to smoke. May becomes thrilled about Adam’s attention to her. She now tries to impress him by making and wearing attractive outfits.

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She starts smoking cigarettes only because Adam told her to. They meet up again and share a sandwich in a park. Adam asks her about the strange events she faces in her workplace. May describes her bizarre experience at the veterinary clinic in a strange way, which surprises Adam.

One day, at her apartment, May invites Adam to eat together. Accepting the invitation as a date, Adam meets May at her apartment. The two watch a movie that Adam made himself. In that movie, the protagonists enjoy a picnic in a park. The characters make love to each other, and all of a sudden, they start eating up their body organs mutually. May watches this weird movie and feels oddly aroused.

How May’s Weird Behavior Upsets Adam?

May lacks social connections and skills; she is shy and leads a lonely life. She lacks knowledge of how to react in a social and normal manner. May tells Adam she is weird and wants to know if this bothers him. But Adam tells her that he likes weirdness.

They engage in a makeout session in May’s apartment. May suddenly bit Adam’s lip during a passionate kiss, causing awful bleeding. This strange act frightens Adam and causes him to leave May abruptly.

May regrets Adam’s departure and blames Suzie for it. Adam feels stunned and backs away from meeting May, and he stops calling her over the phone. Feeling restless, May goes to Adam’s house and overhears him telling his friend that she is a lunatic and doesn’t want to talk about her.

Even one day after that incident, they suddenly meet at the laundromat. When May tries to greet Adam, he leaves, saying that the machine is not working. But, after finding that the machine was fine and that Adam left the place to avoid her, she feels rage.

What Goes Wrong Between May and Polly in the movie May (2002)?

One day, the vet clinic’s receptionist, Polly, invites May to her residence. Polly gets intimate with May and wants a steamy relationship with her. Like Adam, she persuades May by claiming she also loves weird people.

After Adam rejects and deserts her, May feels adored and loved by Polly. She blindly trusts Polly as her lover. She longs to experience her human desire for the company again and pursue a romantic relationship.

May next go to Polly’s home another day, desiring to get comfortable since she is already broken. But she discovers Polly’s wicked and lascivious personality very soon. She is at home with another girl named Ambrosia. This saddens May; it makes her upset, and she leaves in pain.

What Provokes May Create Her Own Friend Amy?

Whenever May tries to connect with social beings, they abandon or betray her. Also, her cat Loopy’s refusal to come closer makes her angry, and she kills it with an ashtray.

Adam’s rejection and apathy toward her, Polly’s betrayal, Loopy’s refusal, and street punk Blank’s bitter remarks enraged her. She kills all of them eventually. The students in blind school also unwillingly break and dismantle her doll and last resort companion, Suzie. Now it’s her turn to find a new friend who won’t abandon or cheat her like her toxic familiars.

The beautiful parts of other people always enthrall May. But she couldn’t find a completely perfect being. This is also a drive she has to create a perfect being by assembling the beautiful body parts of the people who have caused her pain in her life.

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On Halloween, May dresses like Suzie and goes out to kill Adam, his girlfriend, Polly, and Ambrosia. Arriving at home with the ‘perfect parts’ of her murdered mates, she starts designing a new human-like mammoth doll.

She assembles Adam’s hands, his girlfriend’s ears, Blank’s torso and arms, Polly’s neck, Ambrosia’s legs, and Loopy’s fur. May sew them together to form a piece of perfection and name it Amy. But when she realizes that the newly formed doll can’t see her, she freaks out and scoops out her lazy eye, screaming with intense pain.

She puts the eye on Amy’s head to give it sight. At first, it seems her efforts are fruitless, but in the ending scene, Amy comes to life and strokes May’s face with Adam’s perfect hand. That is a joyous moment for May, as she is elated to have a new friend.


Original Title: May

Other Titles: La cara del horror (Argentina), Muñeca diabólica (Venezuela)

Genre: Psychological/ Thriller

Runtime: 1hr 33min

Original Language: English

Directed & written by Lucky McKee

Tagline: There Are No Good Wholes…Just Parts.

Release date: January 13, 2002

Origin Country: USA

Awards 09 Wins, 08 Nominations

Brainless Pen Rating!

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