Let the Right One In (2008) Ending Explained

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Let the Right One In (2008) is a Swedish romantic horror film directed by Tomas Alfredson based on a novel. This film is considered to be one of the best films of 2008. It stars Swedish actor Kare Hedebrant.

Let the Right One In Ending Explained and Plot Twists in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

In the first scene, we see an old man driving through a snowy road while her wife is humming a song and they are smiling looking at each other. It seems like they are a very happy old couple. Then we see a 12 year old boy, Oskar staring at a girl who has just arrived in this area through a window holding a knife. Next morning, we see Oskar, that 12 year old boy, is attending a class when his teacher is explaining a crime story. Then Oskar gets bullied by his classmates and realises he is not happy with the bullying at all.

That old man is organising some tools like bottle gas masks, ropes, knives. You will think he works in any medical lab but the truth will shock you. After that we see this man tricking a man into death and hanging him with a tree upside down and cuts his throat to collect his blood but suddenly a dog and some people come in the forest and he escapes that place leaving his gallon. After his failed mission, we hear a female voice raises her voice getting very angry at him for not being able to take blood to her to drink. She says,

‘You are supposed to help me.’

Wait…what?…how can killing people be linked with helping?

However, the old man apologises. Then we see Oskar takes a knife pretends to be threatening someone assuming a tree his enemy. At that time, he notices a girl standing just behind him, so he asks her what she is doing. The girl says she is living next to his house and she don’t think they can be friends. Oskar feels weird by her words. On the other hand, the news of the murders has been spread all over the city.

Next day when Oskar comes home, his mom scolds him for taking subway while coming home because it’s not safe for children. Oskar takes the newspaper fugitively and collects the papercuts of the murder news.

Next, we see the tenants of the society is having a breakfast party where that old man comes too but he was sitting isolate avoiding others. The other tenants notice that and decides to make him join with them. One of them gets to him and offers him to join them but he leaves immediately making an excuse.

Every eve Oskar plays outside and that girl, Eli joins him. They get along with each other and Oskar gives her a Rubik’s Cube. Then we see that girl getting a cramp in her paunch. After we see two people part their ways happily and one of them take the road under the bridge and hears a sound saying ‘Help!’. He sees a girl is sitting at a corner helplessly. He picks that girl and is about to take her to the police, suddenly gets attacked by her and gets killed as she sucks all the blood.

This scene was seen by a neighbour and he comes to other neighbours to inform what he saw. They go with him and finds blood. Then we see that old man taking a corpse and throwing that into water.

So, we understand that this old man and that mysterious girl Eli is related and she lives drinking blood and the old man arranges blood for her to survive. Next day Oskar again gets bullied by his classmates and they cut his chick. Eli asks him how he got the wound. Oskar tells lies to her mother but he tells Eli the truth. Eli suggests him to hit back otherwise they will bully him the rest of his life. Next day Oskar asks his football trainer if he can join gym class. The trainer permits him and he starts training.

Oskar buys some food for Eli and Eli eats reluctantly and vomits. Oskar hugs her and they get passionate for each other. The old man looking at some basketball player to select his new prey and ties one of them upside down but their friends rescue him and they seize him and hand him over to the police but no one can recognise him since he destroys his face with acid. Police admit him in the hospital and Eli gets there to see his father but actually she came because of her hunger. She drinks her father’s blood and leads him to death.

Killing her father, she comes to Oskar’s door and goes up to his bed and tells him she is not a girl. But Oskar doesn’t seem to listen to her, he proposes to her to be his girlfriend. Next morning, she leaves a sweet note to Oskar which conveys love for him. Oskar keeps that and then he goes to skate with his classmates on the ice. At the time of skating when its time to take a break, the bullies come to Oskar to annoy him again. But this time Oskar was prepared to hit them back. So, when the bully comes forward, he hits so hard that his ear gets bloody.

The teachers get him to cure his injury. Teachers call Oskar’s parents to make them aware of the incident but Oskar feels good. Next day Oskar and Eli hang out in the subway, they get in a house where they spend time and play music. At some point, Oskar cuts his hand a little bit with a butterfly knife and tells her to do the same just to make their bondage strong. But after seeing blood Eli can’t control herself and jump on it. Eli tells him to run away but Oskar doesn’t. Eli runs away otherwise she won’t be able to control her thrust and will suck him to death eventually.

One of the neighbours, Lacke along with other friends are discussing who killed Jocke as he was the nicest guy in this community. Ginia, Lacke’s girlfriend, makes an attempt to calm him down but he screams at her. Ginia gets so upset that she leaves the place. Lacke follows her but she doesn’t listen. Eli jumps on her to suck blood when she passes the tree. But Eli can’t kill her because Lacke pushes her away. Ginia doesn’t die, on the contrary she gets infected by Eli. Next morning Ginia feels uncomfortable when sunlight comes through her window and she feels thrust when blood is seen.

Ginia understands she has become a monster so she goes to Lacke to tell for staying away. Lacke was with the man living with a lot of cats. Cats can see paranormal beings and immediately attack her. Lacke takes her to a hospital. Oskar meets Eli to confront the truth and she admits. He asks her whether she is dead or alive. She says she is alive. He asks how old she is. She tells she is twelve years old for many years. In hospital Ginia pleads him to help her to die but obviously Lacke doesn’t agree. Next morning Ginia tricks her doctor to move off the curtains and gets burnt instant.

Next day Eli goes to Oskar’s home and request him to give her permission. Oskar says why you need my permission to come. The door is open, so you can come and go anytime. So Oscar doesn’t say anything. Eli enters and she starts bleeding. Oskar gets scared and gives her permission immediately.

Eli takes shower as she is covered with blood but leaves immediately as his mom is knocking at the door. Next day Eli is sleeping in a dark coffin and Oskar is here spending time. Lacke comes to Eli’s place since he was suspicious about this apartment. He finds Eli and is about to move off the curtain to kill her. Oskar screams to wake her up and Eli attacks him from behind and kills him. Eli hugs Oskar telling him that its the right time for her to leave.

Oskar gets a call from the bully gang. Conny, whose ear was damaged by Oskar. They trick him to take him to the swimming pool to give him a punishment for hitting his brother’s ear and give him a challenge to keep himself underwater for three minutes otherwise he will take one of the eyes. When Oskar is about to die, he suddenly feels Conny’s brother is no longer holding his hair. He opens his eyes and sees everyone is dead except one who has not participated. Oskar and Eli smile looking at each other.

Why Did They Bully Oskar Among All the Other Students?

Oskar is an introverted and shy kid and also a fearful kid. When any person gets to know about your weakness, they will take a chance to annoy you. Conny, the bully leader, bullies him because he knew how much he did wrong with him, Oskar wouldn’t protest. So Conny hits him again and again taking the advantage of his silence.

Why Do Teachers in Sweden Discuss Murders in Classes?

Sweden is a developed country and they are advanced in the education system. When a crime happens, teachers discuss it with children to make them aware so that they don’t make any silly mistake and don’t become the prey of the killer. They also do it to make them intellectually conscious and advanced.

Oskar Was Learning Morse Code for Communicating With Eli. What Is Morse Code? Why Did He Do It?

Morse code is a method used in telecommunication to encode text characters as a standardised sequence of two different signal durations. It is mainly used to convey confidential messages. Oskar learnt morse code to contact Eli so that their messages can be hidden. He wanted to keep Eli secret because he was introverted. He is not comfortable with sharing his personal matters with anyone else.

Why Had Ginia Been Infected by Eli in the movie Let the Right One In (2008)?

Eli was a vampire who lived off blood. She needed to kill people and survive. But when a vampire attacks anyone, that person needs to be killed immediately otherwise if the victim gets able to survive, he or she will be infected by the vampire and another vampire will be born. If the affected one survives three days without drinking blood, he or she will be free. But if not he or she will become a vampire permanently.

This world will behave nicely if you are nice but sometimes your modesty can be the reason for your greatest fear. Sometimes or even most of the times, If you want to survive, you have to be cruel too.


Original Title: Låt den rätte komma in

Other Titles: Let the Right One In

Genre: Horror/ Mystery/ Romance

Runtime: 1hr 54min

Original Language: Swedish, Spanish

Directed by Tomas Alfredson

Written by John Ajvide Lindqvist

Tagline: Eli is 12 years old. She’s been 12 for over 200 years and, she just moved in next door.

Release date: October 24, 2008 (Sweden)

Origin Country: Sweden