They/Them (2022) Ending Explained

TheyThem (2022) ending explained

They/Them (2022) is a slasher horror movie directed by written & directed by John Logan. They/them pronounced “THEY SLASH THEM” and the naming is perfect according to the plot story twist and the ending. Let’s drive to the explanation of the movie.

They/Them Ending Explanation in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

Well, it is a story of a group of teenagers at an LGBTQ+ conversion camp enduring unsettling psychological techniques while being stalked by a mysterious masked killer.

In the beginning, we see a girl driving a car on a forest road. After some time tires get punctured. She comes outside the car to look into how the tires got punctured. She saw a stopper that was intentionally kept there by someone. Then she saw a masked killer and got timid. The killer attacked her with an ax and killed her instantly.

The next morning, a bus full of teenagers came to Whistler Camp, a place in that very jungle. The teenagers who are a member of the LGBTQ+ community came up to make themself straight to homosexuality. A person named Owen was the controller of the camp. Owen said, “I know your parents sent you here by force but I can’t make a change in your life if you don’t want to.”

Then he introduces his team: his wife Cora (doctor), Zane, and Sarah (both are fitness trainers) were former students of that camp and now a couple and active members of this camp, Molly who is a recent member of this camp, Owen`s dogs and his maid. He said that they come here for good motives and they shouldn’t use phones or laptops. Owen forfeited their phones and laptop. After that, he sent boys and girls to separate rooms. But a boy named Jordan was still stranded outside.

Owen asked him why he was not going into the room. Jordan answered that he is transgender. Owen advised Jordan to go to the boys’ room for now but if anything wrong happens he will shift Jordan to the girls’ room.

In the evening, the camp team gathered themself and asked why they were there. Most of them answered that their parents told them to do so. But Jordan said he didn’t want to answer this question. Then all came outside and noticed the maid was looking at them very weirdly. An Asian girl got angry and rebuked him from there. Sarah handed another transgender when Alexandra was bathing.

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Owen shifts Alexandra to the boys’ room. Alexandra felt ashamed. One day, when others were playing outside Alexandra got into the doctor’s room and was finding her pills. Molly caught her and gave the pills to her.

At night, when all were sleeping Owen came to their room and aroused them, and said they will play a game. Owen makes a different team of two members. Each team will go to different places in the jungle and will share their unbosoms. They all went to different places and were sharing their feelings.

Alexandra and Jordan were on the same team. Jordan said that he didn’t have a good feeling about that place. Alexandra had the same feeling. Suddenly, they saw that masked killer in the jungle, and the killer disappeared in a blink.

The next morning, the doctor called themself into her cabin one by one. The doctor was very rude. Molly demotivates Jordan by telling him that transgender like him is a burden to society. Jordan was very sad after that. Alexandra saw Jordan as sad and asked him to share his feelings. Jordan told him unbosoms. After that, Alexandra said we all are perfect, we shouldn’t be sad. Then all started to dance together and felt proud of their homosexuality. Owen got angry seeing that.

At midnight, Jordan woke up and went to Owen’s office room and got some pictures of torture. He realizes teenagers were tortured to make themself straight. Molly caught Jordan and saw the photos. Molly said she is a new member and she didn’t know about torture. She also said that she will prevent that at any cost. At that time, the maid was seeing bath scenes of girls on CCTV. Suddenly, he heard a sound from behind, the masked killer came to him and killed the maid.

The next morning, Owen sent boys with Zane to learn shooting and girls with Sarah to learn cooking. At that time, Molly went to a solitary cabin. She went in and saw various kinds of torturing elements. Another room inside the cabin was locked. When she was going to open the lock Cora came there and told Molly to go to the camp. At the boys’ training, Zane challenged Jordan to shoot.

Jordan agreed. Zane blew 3 out of 4 targets and Jordan hit all of the targets. Owens appreciated it and asked if Jordan had the bravery to hit an animal. At the same time in girls’ training, Sarah wanted to seduce Kim but Kim ran away.

Owen pointed at the dog and told Jordan to shoot the dog. When the other was refusing, Jordan shot the dog and killed it. Kim was sitting beside a river and crying. Veronica (an Asian girl) came to her and asked why she was crying. Kim told me everything. Veronica said she didn’t have to become straight, because she would get hurt herself. Kim felt happy and started to kiss Veronica. They become intimate there.

After that, Jordan told Alexandra and Toby about the torture. They want to get out of here. At the same time one of the boys, Stu, was bathing in the river. Gabriel came there and asked for company. Then they went to a cabin. Then they got intimate at that moment. Owen and Zane caught them at that moment and took them into the locked room. Then Stu came to know that Gabriel was involved with Owen. Then Owen started to torture Stu.

After that, they take Stu to camp in a senseless condition. Molly asked Owen what they did to Stu. Owen told her to oil her machine, and don’t ask any questions.

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At night, Zane and Sarah were looking at some photos on the phone. Sarah showed Zane a muscular boy photo and Zane told him he was hot. In the same way, Zane showed Sarah a hot girl’s photo and they both got intimate at that moment. This means, they still were not completely straight. In the blink of an eye, the masked killer came into their room and killed both with the ax.

Gabriel was sitting beside the river. Suddenly, he saw the dead body of the maid in the water. Then the killer came from behind and seized Gabriel. The killer took Gabriel into that torture room and tortured the same way and killed him with shocks. Veronica and Kim saw the dead bodies and uproared loudly. Owen told everyone to go back to the bus. Jordan asked where Stu was.

Toby went to Stu and held his hand and they started to like each other. Molly told Alexandra to take everyone into the bus. Molly came back to the cabin. Owen came inside the cabin.

Owen found his wife’s dead body. The killer killed her. At that moment, the killer attacks Owen. The killer took off the mask. Owen saw the killer. After a fight, Jordan came into the cabin and showed them fighting. He held a gun and told Owen to get out of the killer. After that, the killer killed Owens with a knife.

Who is the killer of the movie They/them?

The masked killer was none other than Molly.

After taking off the mask Molly said to Owen that her real name was Anzie Phillips. At the age of 14, she came to this camp to make her straight. Owen tortured her to become straight. After that, she was mentally broke. She couldn’t ever live a normal life. After so many years, she came here for revenge and to save other teenagers from torture.

She killed Molly (at the begining of the movie) and took her place as Molly. After killing Owen, Anzie said to Jordan that many teenagers are killed in this camp. But their parents did not even report it to anyone. Because they didn’t support their homosexual children.

Who survived at the end of the movie?

At the end of the movie, the police came there and arrested Anzie. So, Jordan, Alexandra, Kim, Veronica, Stu, and Toby were the survivors of this movie.


Original Title: They/Them

Genre: Horror/ Slasher

Runtime: 1hr 44min

Original Language: English

Written & Directed by John Logan

Tagline: Fear doesn’t discriminate.

Release date: August 5, 2022 (USA)

Origin Country: USA

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