Preservation (2014) Ending Explained

Preservation (2014) ending explained brainless pen

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Preservation (2014) is a survival horror thriller movie written and directed by Christopher Denham. The plot of this movie is similar to Eden Lake (2008), but the endings are opposite. Here we discuss the Preservation movie ending twist and meaning.

Preservation Ending Explained and Plot Story in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

Wit, Mike, and Sean decide to take a hunting trip to a secluded forest preserve to escape their troubles.

Mike hopes this will help Sean cope with his PTSD. Her relationship with Mike has been sagging for some time, and Wit hopes to rekindle it. He appears to be more interested in his cell phone than in spending time with her.

Despite signs indicating that the preserve is closed, the trio continues their journey. Unabated, they continue their vacation.

As a result, the already strained atmosphere is exacerbated. They wake up the following day to discover that everything they own has been stolen. A big black “X” was drawn on each person’s forehead. Trio members begin to turn on one another as they deal with existing stress and the new fear of being hunted.

The invisible taunting group comprises a bunch of wicked teenage boys. They are so dumb and violent that they hunt people just for fun. Wilt, Mike and Sean are now their next target.

The leader of the group is Jack. He is angry and arrogant. As the movie plot becomes more profound, the cat and mouse game becomes a complicated, tense environment for the movie viewers.

At one point, the group kills Mike and Sean. But later, Wilt can kill Jack for defensive purposes.

At the movie’s end, tired and disastrous Wilt goes to town. A child is showing invisible gunfire to her. In reply, Wilt also shows an invisible gunshot back to the baby in a sombre mood. This clearly explains that Wilt will no longer tolerate any violence against her.

The movie ends here.

The actual meaning of the movie Preservation (2014)

Sean and Mike Neary have taken two different paths in life. Although Mike has an MBA, he chews out hedge fund managers over the phone. When Sean returned from the Middle East, he had an uneasy smile and a thousand-yard stare. As children, Mike taught his brothers to hunt at a remote woodland nature preserve, where they reconnected with Wit.

They start in a car with the engine still running, setting up a typical love triangle. A pregnancy test is secretly taken in Wit’s bathroom to frustrate herself. Her expression suggests that she isn’t happy with the outcome.

At every opportunity, Mike marginalizes his wife. The same goes for taking business calls at inopportune times or attaching a GPS tracker to Wit’s necklace. The dog’s collar was the first thing he did. According to Sean, Wit doesn’t deserve Mike, based on the mutually acknowledged furtive glances he sends her. Sean may have already staked a claim.

During the horrors of war, an alpha male becomes unstable and struggles to stay in control of his brother. They’re both clean-cut squares determined to fulfil their American Dreams, but their motivations are conflicted. Paramours who keep to themselves are caught in the middle.

It seems predictable when armed with hunting rifles. Once the correct fuse is lit, each point of the triangle will burst from its shell. There may be a tone of familiarity to the tale told, but it turns out that it is not the same one telegraphed in the first act.

However, it is impossible for him to avoid foreshadowing the actual plot well in advance. There is no shortage of hunting metaphors in Sean’s vocabulary.

Mike and he teach Wit how to shoot deer for the first time. In addition to waxing wise about what a hunt can awaken in the hunter, Sean speaks about how bears kill to defend themselves. Humans kill only for fun, while lions kill to survive.

Sean also recounts the Greek myth of Artemis in case the movie’s central theme is still not clear. She became a god after a legendary bow-and-arrow encounter with a bear.


Original Title: Preservation

Genre: Survival/ Horror

Runtime: 1hr 28min

Original Language: English

Written & Directed by Christopher Denham

Tagline: Man is the only animal that kills for fun …

Release date: January 9, 2015 (USA)

Origin Country: United States

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