Midnight Mass Book IV: Lamentations (2021) S01 E04 Ending Explained

Midnight Mass Book IV Lamentations (2021) S01 E04 Ending Explained

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Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Character Name Description
Zach Gilford Riley Flinn Depressed and stressed man, son of Ed & Annie
Kate Siegel Erin Green Single woman and old girlfriend of Riley
Hamish Linklater Father Paul Hill New Prist of the Church
Samantha Sloyan Bev Keane Sister of the Church
Henry Thomas Ed Flynn Father of Riley & Warren
Kristin Lehman Annie Flynn Wife of Ed Flynn
Igby Rigney Warren Flynn Younger brother of Riley
Rahul Kohli Sheriff Hassan only lawman of Crockett island
Rahul Abburi Ali Son of Sheriff
Michael Trucco Wade Mayor of the island
Crystal Balint Dolly Mother of Leeza
Annarah Cymone Leeza Daughter of Mayor Wade
Annabeth Gish Dr. Sarah Gunning Doctor of the island
Alex Essoe Mildred Gunning Mother of Sarah
Ebony Booth Tara-Beth The girl who died for Riley
Robert Longstreet Joe Collie Drunk man

Midnight Mass Season 01 Episode 04 Recap

* * * Spoiler Alert * * *

The fourth episode of Midnight Mass opens with Erin & Sarah. A shocking moment happened when Sarah didn’t find any heartbeat of the baby. She decides to make a sonogram query. But a strange result comes when there is no sign of the unborn infant. The uterus is empty as if there had never been anything here. But Erin is sure she doesn’t miscarry.

Erin goes to the mainland and consults gynecologists about the incident. They run some tests and the reports say she was never pregnant at all. Erin returns to the island with so much confusion and sadness.


Bev is talking with Father Paul. This is where you see, nasty Bev trying to explain Father Paul gets a blessing from God. Jesus Christ took three days to return from the dead but Paul didn’t take even 3 minutes. Then Bev reveals she already knew that Father Paul is Monsignor Pruitt and he has to tell everyone about this. After all, an angel of God restored Monsignor Pruitt, she reminds.

After leaving Bev Father Paul sat in his room. All the curtains are closed and the room is dark. Father is starving badly but can’t eat food. He holds his hand in the sunlight and it starts burning. Then he cut his hand and sucked its own blood. Paul found relief from starving for a very short time. It is now clear Father Paul now needs blood instead of human food.

Riley is at Erin’s home. Here they talk from the deepest part of their heart. As a viewer, you would find the conversation between them goes through very deep philosophical and eternity of life. They talk from their memory, the meaning of life, also thoughts about life after death, and so on. Riley exposes his daily dream that he is in an empty boat which is in the middle of the ocean. The sun is just beginning to rise but he is never able to see the morning.


Sarah is examining Erin’s blood sample next to the window. At a time, sunlight comes over the blood and Sarah notices the blood starts with bubbles and smoke all of a sudden. She becomes terrified and starts more research.

After some time Paul comes to Sara’s house for Mildred’s mass. Today Mildred is looking so young, and she recognized Paul as Pruitt. As the scene indicates it has a good chance that Pruitt and Mildred loved each other.

Joe is having a hard day. As he promised Father that he would not drink beer, he kept the promise. Joe is now very happy. He goes to Paul’s house and talks about his day. Paul’s stomach again starts rumbling. Paul says, ’I’m proud of you. Because I know that compulsion. That hunger, and… I know how hard it is to fight against.’

After that Paul hugs Joe and it gets weird when Paul doesn’t let him go. So, Joe pulls him back and falls back accidentally. Joe’s head hits on an end of the table and the injury goes so horrifying. Blood spreads on the floor, and Joe is almost unconscious. Paul’s eyes become paused on the flow of the blood on the floor. He leans his face towards the blood and begins to drink. Then he holds Joe into his hand and sucks blood from the cut wounds.

The next morning, everyone is waiting for Father Paul at church. Bev goes to his house and finds him sitting on the floor with a bloody face. And the dead body of Joe is left on the floor with a dried blood spot. Bev takes a deep breath as she expected something like this and says they had to clean up everything. Then Paul holds his hand in the sunlight, and it begins burning.

Bev realizes Paul is now unable to move in daylight. Bev goes back to church and tells everyone that Father is not feeling well and the mass will be at night. Then she takes Sturge & Wade to Paul’s house and instructs them to dump Joe’s body in the sea.

The two men are shocked. Mayor Wade says to Paul, “What the hell did you do?”. Bev comes to him and slaps in his face. She makes a stupid excuse that it was only Joe who is no one blessing and also, he was the reason for Mayor’s daughter Leeza’s wheelchair. Then they were convinced.

At night, Riley & Paul are at an AA meeting, but Joe is absent. Riley asks about Joe to Father. Paul replied Joe went to the mainland to visit her sister. Riley became mystified because a few days before Joe told him about his sisters’ death. Riley doesn’t say anything to Paul on this matter.

Now it’s midnight. The day is over and everyone is sleeping at their house. But Father Paul is at the rec center. He placed the empty cruet at a table and whispered, holding a rumbling stomach while kneeling. Suddenly the angel enters the room wearing Pruitt’s coat & hat. He moved toward the table, cut a vein, and began to fill the cruet with blood.


At the same time, we see Riley almost enter Erin’s house but for some unknown reason, he stops. Walks towards the rec center and enters through the door. Now there are three in the room Riley, angel, and Kneeled Paul. Angel turns back to Riley and they see each other. Riley gasps, seeing this Paul just said “Oh!” Angel flies in the blink of an eye to Riley and sucks the blood holding his neck.

Father Paul stands and closes the door from inside.

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