It Follows (2014) Ending Explained

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It Follows (2014) is an American horror film which is written & directed by David Robert Mitchell. It stars Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist etc.

It Follows Ending Explained and Plot Twists in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

In the first scene, a girl named Annie comes out of a house being so frightened and people around her constantly ask what happened but she doesn’t reply. She takes car keys and drives herself near a river and she talks with her dad over the phone and tells them how much she loves them. Next, we see that she is killed in an extremely disturbing way we can’t even imagine.

Then the movie takes us to the flashback where we see a lovely girl swimming in an artificial swimming pool. She lives with her sisters and a childhood friend. One day she gets introduced to a guy and goes with him to the theatre. Jay tells him about a game which she and her sister play when they are bored.

The game is played between two people, one of them will pick two persons from around and the other one will guess who they are. When it is time for the guy to tell whom, Jay picked. He tells about someone who doesn’t even exist around.

Jay can’t see anyone with a yellow shirt. That guy immediately rushes out of the theatre and tells her he is not feeling well. Jay can’t understand anything but gets a positive vibe from him. She starts dating him. One day he kisses her and they have sex in the car. When Jay is talking about her sweet little wishes about how she wants her boyfriend to be like. That guy pushes a handkerchief into her face and makes her senseless.

When Jay wakes up, she finds herself in a construction area. He is talking about something which someone passed to him through sex. Now he is passing into Jay. From now on, Jay will see that someone is always following her. Jay needs to stay away and not let her die by them. If she can’t resist her death caused by them. It will return to him. Jay needs to have sex as soon as possible so that it can pass into someone else.

Making sure that she is now seeing, that guy leaves the place and takes her to home. Police come to investigate the situation and admit her to a hospital. It took some hours to get back to her normal life. She comes to her college and attends a class. She is staring inattentively outside the class.

Suddenly she notices an old woman is coming towards her. She is walking continuously and is not even thinking of stopping. Jay immediately leaves the class and walks through the corridor and sees her again. She tries to contact but that old woman is not listening just coming towards her. Jay drives herself to her sister’s bar and tells her everything. They listen to what Jay tells them but can’t believe most of the things. Paul, their cousin decides to stay up their house.

At night, Jay goes downstairs because she can’t sleep. Paul has a crush on Jay. As she is alone now, Paul starts to recall their childhood humorous incidents. Paul is Jay’s first kiss and then he also kissed Kelly. Jay sarcastically tells its gross kissing sisters. They are laughing about how they got caught with porno magazines to their neighbour.

Suddenly their window glass breaks and everyone sits carefully. Paul goes upstairs to call others. Jay checks the kitchen and see a naked lady with a horrible appearance whose vagina is discharging water. Seeing this Jay runs as fast as she can to lock herself in a room. Everyone comes there and she tells what she saw. They can’t believe it because they don’t see anything. When Yara enters into the room, Jay sees another horrible figure and moves out of the house. She cycles herself to a solitary park and swings in a rocking cradle.

In this situation, you will definitely expect something fearsome to happen but nothing happens. Her sisters and cousin come there to rescue her. Their neighbour Greg also comes there to say that she should find him because only he will know what is happening.

Next morning, they all find Hugh’s house and search it. That house is so messed up, the washroom is broken, no furniture, least amount of clothes. Kelly finds some medicine in the washroom. Paul finds a picture of Hugh in the pornos. From the photo they find out his college name and get his address. Jay with her sister, cousin and friend go to Hugh’s house.

All of them sit in a circular way and talk about all the incidents. Hugh says to Jay she needs to pass it on by having sex with any person. Otherwise, it will follow you everywhere. Someone passed it to me too.

Once he had a one-night stand and he assumes this is where it all started. Greg takes all of ’em in their lake house and teaches Jay how to shoot with a gun. One sunny morning they are sunbathing, suddenly someone pulls Jay’s hair upward. They all get scared and start running. Hiding in a house, Jay gets the gun and shoots it. But it stands again and starts walking. Greg tells them to come out but Jay doesn’t listen. Jay goes near the door to check on Greg but another entity scares her so Jay gets out from there and starts driving. A while later Jay takes a U turn to save a car and has an accident barging into a corn field.

Yara, Paul, Greg, Kelly admits her in the hospital. In the hospital, Greg wants to have sex with Jay and Jay allows him to do that. But three days have passed, and he still doesn’t feel anyone is following him. Everyone returns home but Jay locks herself in a room. In the afternoon, Greg comes to ask how Jay is.

Kelly says she is not great. They ask Greg if he really doesn’t see anything. Greg replied negatively. They try to make him know that whatever Jay is saying is real. But Greg doesn’t believe it. At night Jay is looking outside and sees a figure looking like Jay is going towards his house. Jay immediately goes to his house and sees a woman wearing nighties knocking at his door. Jay understands it is not real, she yells not to open the door but Greg opens and gets killed. Jay drives herself in the woods and spends the night there. Next morning, she returns home and sleeps with her sisters.

Paul comes near her and expresses his desire towards her. But Jay doesn’t want to destroy any life anymore so she rejects him. Paul notices a picture in the wall where they had their first kiss. Paul decides to take everyone in that place where there is a swimming pool and they spent their childhood there.

Jay gets into water and others pull out things like iron, tape recorder, speaker, mini television etc. They keep those at the edge of the pool so that if anything comes in their way, they will kill it. Jay is standing in the middle of the water and looking around carefully. Suddenly she sees a figure, she points it out for others. Paul shoots it but gets a mistarget. He shoots again, this time Yara gets shot.

Paul shoots again and this time it falls into water. They pull Jay to get her out of the water. But that entity pulls her back and so Paul shoots him again. This time it hits right at the head, so it gets killed.

That night, Paul and Jay get intimate with each other but they don’t feel anything different. They don’t see anything anymore and walk along the road holding hands with each other.

How Did Hugh Get This Paranormal Entity Which Used to Follow Him Everywhere in the movie It Follows (2014)?

One day Hugh met a random girl from a bar. Hugh decided to have a one night stand with her so he didn’t even know her name. After that encounter, Hugh starts to have people following him everywhere and they follow continuously. They don’t stop. If you don’t get to your close ones immediately, it will catch you and kill you. The only way to get rid of these creatures is having sex with someone and then it will be passed on to the other person.

Why Did Jay Get Surprised When She Encountered Her?

After the intimacy, Hugh takes Jay to a ragged building where he talks about what is going to happen with her. Next, he sees someone far away. Hugh takes Jay there and Jay sees a woman walking slowly coming towards her.

Finding out Hugh’s real name, Jay goes to Jeff’s home and guess who opens the door. This woman, in other words Mrs. Redmond is the woman whom Jay saw in that building.

Actually, these creatures come to follow you disguising themselves as your familiar person. That day, that entity came as Hugh’s mom. Hugh’s mom had no connection with these incidents.

Why Did Jay Give Permission to Greg to Be Intimate With Her?

Greg doesn’t believe all these. He thinks that Jay is mentally traumatised. So, he doesn’t care what will happen after having sex with her. That’s why he wants to have sex after knowing all these. Since he is willing after knowing the truth, Jay allows him to be intimate.

Why Did Jay Choose Greg to Pass It On?

Greg and Paul both love Jay. But Jay chose Greg to have sex with and pass the curse on him. Jay chose Greg because he is brave and capable of handling problems.

Why Did Jay Detach Herself From Everyone in It Follows (2014)?

For some days, Jay was going through some horrible experiences. A normal person would definitely be traumatised after having such horror. She always stayed in this fear that someone would break in at any time. So, she isolated herself.

How Did They Get Rid of the Problem?

When they discuss the matter with Hugh, remember what he said. If that entity gets able to kill the person you passed it on, it will come back to you. So, you can count it as vice versa. Therefore, killing will stop the mission. So, they make plans to kill it and end it forever.

No matter how big your problem is, if your family and friends are with you, you will definitely be able to sort it out. So, keep yourself close to your family and friends.


Original Title: It Follows

Genre: Horror/ Mystery/ Thriller

Runtime: 1hr 40min

Original Language: English

Written & Directed by David Robert Mitchell

Tagline: It doesn’t think. It doesn’t feel. It doesn’t give up.

Release date: March 27, 2015 (USA)

Origin Country: United States