Victor Frankenstein (2015) Ending Explained

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Victor Frankenstein (2015) is a sci-fi slasher horror film directed by Paul McGuigan. In the movie Victor and Igor attempt to bring back the dead through science, but they end up turning into a nightmare.

Victor Frankenstein Ending Explained

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The story begins in 1890 in London with a young medical student named Victor Frankenstein. He attends a circus performance. The aerialist lady Lorelei fell from a high point and her breath stopped. Then Victor goes near Lorelei to help her, and he meets a nameless hunchback who works in that circus team. The hunchback’s knowledge of human anatomy impressed Victor. Hunchback saves Lorelei and Victor suggests he go outside and use his knowledge.

Injured Lorelei.

Yet hunchback doesn’t want to leave Lorelei since he loves her. Though the feeling is only from one side, Lorelei is still unaware of his feelings for her.

To treat his hunchback, he steals and reads medical books. Consequently, he gains a wealth of knowledge about medical science. However, one day he catches up, and Victor saves him.

Using a needle, Victor drains the cyst on his back, causing his physical abnormality. Afterward, Victor increases his posture with a harness. Victor names him Igor Staussman. This name is taken from Victors’ former roommate.

Together, they work towards resurrecting life scientifically as part of Victor’s ongoing experiments.

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In this picture, we see police inspector Turpin Roderick, who is investigating the missing body parts of several animals. In his mind, the missing hunchback and the animal parts might be connected. So, he starts collecting more data to combine two cases.

Igor suggests to Victor that he made errors in connecting the nerves when he showed him how to animate eyes with electricity. Igor asks Victor to perform the surgical portion of the experiment. Victor harvests parts from dead animals and forces Igor to restore the organs, which he secretly uses to create a monstrous chimpanzee.

Lorelei and Igor reunite and Igor expresses his feelings and Lorelei accepts him as well. Afterward, Lorelei meets Victor, who invites her to a demonstration of their experiment the next day at the university.

The experiment succeeded in reincarnating of life in a Chimpanzee, but it became demonic and tried to destroy everything. Victor and Igor then killed it.

victor and Igor working together
Victor and Igor are working together.

Lorelei is horrified by Victor’s experiments and asks Igor to stop him. But Victor is committed to back his older brother Henry in life who died a few years back. Even after all these years, Victor’s father still blames him for Henry’s death.

Victor’s unusual methods lead to his expulsion from the university after the experiment there. Meanwhile, one of his rich classmates Finnegan is impressed by Victor and wishes to invest in the experiment. He wants Victor to try his experiments on a human-like creature next time.

Victor and Igor drew a giant behemoth and named it Prometheus.

Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy in movie victor frankenstein 2015

Turpin and his men raid Victor’s lab with the intent of destroying his inventions. During the raid, Igor runs into a secret basement and finds real Igor’s (Victor’s former roommate) corpse which is freezingly preserved by Victor. There are no eyes on corpse Igor, indicating that the previous eye experiments were conducted on his eyes.

Victor and Igor escape at last.

Finnegan provides the scientists with the funds necessary to build Prometheus. Additionally, he arranges laboratory facilities at his family’s estate in Scotland. Finnegan has made Igor suspicious and he is angry with Victor for how he treated the original Igor.

Igor is kidnapped and bound by Finnegan. He then reveals his plans to kill Victor once Prometheus is completed and weaponized. Igor is thrown into the Thames to drown. But he escapes and meets with Lorelei. With her care, he returns to health.

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Lorelei and Igor set out to rescue Victor from Finnegan’s estate. But in the middle of the way Lorelei is caught by Turpin.

Victor is about to use lightning to animate Prometheus when Igor arrives. Igor attempts to stop Victor but he refuses. The machines are activated by Victor, but after a few moments, the power surge overheats and sparks. Due to the sudden event, Finnegan and his employees became electrolytes and died.

Turpin unexpectedly arrives at the scene amid the chaos. He begins blaming and threatening Victor.

victor and Prometheus
Victor and Prometheus in the ending of the movie.

Suddenly, Prometheus awakens and steps forward. Initially, Victor is overjoyed to see the experiment has worked. Victor believes that Henry has been resurrected. However, he soon realizes that the experiment is a failure. Prometheus does not possess a consciousness and cannot communicate.

Turpin attempts to shoot Prometheus but fails. Prometheus kills Turpin and then attacks Victor. Afterward, Igor arrives to save Victor and they both stab the monster’s two hearts at the same time, killing it. After that, Igor falls unconscious.

When Igor wakes up the next morning, Lorelei gives him a letter from Victor. Victor apologizes to Igor for all the pain he caused and tells him he is entitled to live with Lorelei.

Victor tells Igor to be prepared for when he may one day need help from him, and recognizes that Igor was his “greatest creation”.

The film ends with Victor retreating to the Scottish countryside in search of discoveries.


Original Title Victor Frankenstein

Other Titles Victor: La storia segreta del dottor Frankenstein (Italy)

Genre Horror/ Sci-fi/ Slasher

Runtime 1hr 50min

Original Language English

Directed by Paul McGuigan

Tagline Meet Your Makers

Release date November 25, 2015 (USA)

Origin Country USA, UK, Canada

Official Website Victor Frankenstein Website

Awards 4 Win, 1 Nomination

Brainless Pen Rating!

Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Character Name
James McAvoy Victor Frankenstein
Daniel Radcliffe Igor
Jessica Brown Findlay Lorelei
Andrew Scott Turpin

Official Trailer

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